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From: Joshua Latimer

Fenton, MI

From: Joshua Latimer

Fenton, MI
Dear Friend, 

Welcome to Radius Bomb! If this is your first time here, then you're probably wondering,

"What in the heck is Radius Bomb?"


"Why do I need it?"

Am I right? 
What is Radius Bomb?
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Let Me Show you why Thousands
of Small businesses
Are currently using Radius Bomb to get new Customers on Demand
But first, let me share with you a quick story that will help you to understand what Radius Bomb is, and more importantly, why YOU need it
Did you know that the US postal service has delivered over 9 billion postcards through its EDDM direct mail program since 2011?
That means that an estimated 2 billion dollars has been spent from businesses just like yours in the past few years... 

Now, Let me ask you a question? 

‣Why do you think all these small business owners spent so much money on postcards? 

     The answer is SIMPLE.

•They are trying to get new customers! 

There is, however, one HUGE problem.

Almost all of them are painfully disappointed with the results they have received. 

It actually makes me feel a little sick, because I have been in this exact situation myself with my previous company.

Imagine spending a couple thousand dollars on a mailing only to get Zero phone calls, Zero New Sales, and Zero results! 

It's no wonder that people are terrified of direct mail. 

But, I have good news! Radius Bomb has changed everything.
Let me tell you a secret.

The real problem isn't Direct Mail, EDDM or You. 

What I am about to show you is a new opportunity and its big. 

We don't just make direct mail better, we have 100% revolutionized "HOW" it is done.  (so that it works like it was meant to in the first place)

You can send all of the direct mail you want, but if you are missing the following ingredients, you will experience pain as I am sure some of you already have. 

Here is the bottom line.

You've been lied to by direct mail companies, marketers, and list brokers. 

It isn't your fault. 

Let me explain to you the five simple, yet largely unknown secrets that are missing from 99% of small business direct mail campaigns.
Never before in human history have small business owners had the ability to hyper target residential customers like they do now. 

Thank you Radius Bomb! 

The possibilities are almost endless, and you have now been given total control over exactly who will be receiving your direct mail. 

Target the perfect customers you would love to serve for your small business.
It is well known that there is a lot of waste when using outdated forms of direct mail. 

The reason why this happens is very simple. 

The lack of targeting.  
Hyper-targeting is the first step to getting a massive ROI (return on investment) with your marketing.

If you are mailing things to the wrong people you will obviously get poor results.

In the past, you didn't have any options but Radius Bomb has changed all of that.
Radius Bomb Makes Personalizing Direct Mail SIMPLE
If your direct mail is not personalized it is "white noise" and no one will care.

On the other hand if you can hyper-personalize it you will make money hand over fist!

Imagine you clean gutters for a living.

In the past, you had to send a generic offer to a huge list of addresses.

Many of these people don't even want gutter cleaning service!

With Radius Bomb you select only the homes that have trees around them.
Next, you can add a photo of their SPECIFIC neighborhood entryway to the front of the postcard!

Plus you can use our mobile app to give each homeowner an exact estimate specific to their individual home!

This is INSANE!

Never before could you accomplish this so easily.

The Radius Bomb revolution makes this entire process a snap.

Circle, Click, Send.
Choose It
Select a mailing type from our online catalog or use your own
Personalize It
Write a personal message, add pictures and even attach gifts
Send It
We'll print, stuff, stamp and mail everything for you.
With Typical Direct Mail Methods, "The Old Way" You have to...
  • Design your own cards
  • Spend all weekend passing out flyers.
  • Hope the post man doesn't discard your EDDM campaign in the trash
  • Get employees to market to the neighbors of your existing jobs
  • Buy an outdated list to mail to. 
  • ​Wait a week or more to get your flyers.
  • ​Figure out what copy will work best
  • ​Plus A Bunch More...
The Average Person Can SAVE Over $1,000 PER MONTH When They Start Using Radius Bomb
Look At Everything You Can Cancel When You Get Your ######

  • ​Design and order EDDM Campaign Compliant 
  • ​Grouping the pieces before delivery 
  • ​Drive to the post office
  • Radius Bomb University teaches you how to become an expert with direct mail.
  • Simply circle, click and send
  •                YOUR POSTCARDS ARE SENT
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